Intro to Illustration and comic art for Youth

Comic and Illustration Class Plan

(Instructor: Frank J Zhang)


Class # Topic Project
1 Introduction to comic strip (4 frames)

start with an idea;  drawing with Line and basic forms.

Slip and Fall
2 Introduction to comic strip (4 frames)

Coloring, shadow. 

Slip and Fall
3 Introduction to Illustration

How to draw faces: 

How to draw faces:

Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprise

4 Introduction to Illustration

How paint faces: warm & cool colors

How to paint faces:

Happy, Sad, angry, surprise

5 Pictures tell a story:  (3 frames)

Contrast: Big & Small  

I Am not Afraid of Bully

(story of David and Goliath)

6 Pictures tell a story;  (3 frames)

Contrast: complimentary colors

I Am not Afraid of Bully

(story of David and Goliath)

7 Comic Poster (11”x17”)

How to draw a big picture: using basic forms to structure a body.

My Super Hero

Illustrate a superhero of your choice. 

8 Comic Poster 

Coloring: Use light and dark colors.  

My Super Hero

Color rendering. 

9 “How to”  Comic Strip (4 frames)

Observation and imagination  

How to ( make a fish fly)

Sketch outline

10 “ How to” Comic Strip  

Coloring: what to do with background

How to (make a fish fly)


11 Comic Poster (11×17)

How to work with different characters 

I Love My Family 

A comic version of your family 

12 Comic Poster

Coloring: use similar colors (analogous colors) 

I Love My Family

Full-color illustration