Airbrush Workshop

The Airbrush workshop is designed for students to use airbrushes as a creative tool to produce images that communicate a message through visual expression.  The course takes a practice-based approach with multiple projects to help students develop a personal style in illustration and airbrush rendering. Students will learn both airbrush techniques and art theories throughout class lectures and practice in the class. 

Class duration: 3 hours, 12 weeks 

Class # section Content  Project
1 S1 Basic airbrush operation and techniques

Introduction to the airbrush system and applications;

How to create artwork with dots

Painting with dots: Create images with dots.
S1 Basic airbrush operation and techniques

Airbrush maintenance and troubleshooting;

How to create artwork with lines

Creating designs with various types of lines. 
S1 Airbrush techniques: Understand forms and shapes.

Using an airbrush to create an abstract modern design with basic design elements.

Creating Modern style Graphic design using Basic forms and shapes
4 S12 Overview section one; 

Starting project 1

Concept, Reference, and Layout Sketches 

Project 1: Illustration of a cityscape.

Thumbnails and concept  sketch 

5 S2 Project one continued: 

Introducing grayscale and gradient 

Project1: Illustration of a cityscape.

Rending forms, shadow, and lighting.

6.  S2 Project 1 critique. 

Introduce monochromatic colors, blending, and overlay

Painting demo.

Painting a monochromatic portrait.

7. S3 Project 2 starts: 

Image transferring and layout.

Introducing freehand airbrush rendering techniques – sharp and soft tones

Project 2:

Monochromatic painting:

Choice of still life or portrait.

8.   S3 Project 2 continued:

Individual facilitation and practice

Project 2:


9.   S3 Project 2 finish:

Project facilitation, troubleshooting, critique, and feedback

Project 2:


Presentation, and sharing. 

10.  S4 Introduction to Airbrush illustration principles and techniques.

Positive and negative background, visual emphasis, focal pointings 

Masking techniques

Project 3:

Full color painting & rendering: 

Concept & sketches

11  S4 Color blending and rendering.

Color theories: contrast, lighting, tone, harmony in visual effect.

Project 3”

Color rendering.

12 S4 Review and representations presentation